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Can You Do Your Job?

Have you been injured on the job and considering returning to work? Applying for Social Security Benefits? Trying to go back to your job after an injury or illness? Experienced a severe accident and need to know if you can return to your old job or start a new one? Confirming your ability to complete the required skills in a new job? If your employer needs to know if you can perform the necessary functions to work, we can evaluate your physical abilities.

Physical therapist at Dynamic Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine helping a woman after a work injury.


FCE stands for functional capacity evaluation. We use this exam to determine whether you can do what you need to do at work to return to your work environment.

POET is Post-offer employment testing. This is a screening evaluation to ensure that you can safely perform the duties required of a job that you have been offered. Obtaining the position depends on the results of this evaluation. POET decreases your risk of injury on the job.

We will happily perform either the FCE or POET for you. Simply complete the New Patient forms and call 304-720-5433 or
304-467-4496 for an appointment.

Call 304-720-5433 for Charleston, or call 304-467-4496 for our Montgomery office to make an appointment for your FCE or POET today. Start a new job or return to work safely!

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