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Dynamic People, Dynamic Results

Dynamic Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine is Charleston’s premier outpatient physical therapy center. What does this mean for you? The best therapists, the most effective treatment, and the fastest recovery from injury or pain.

Get Back in the Game

Dynamic Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine can get you back in the game or back to work. Our physical therapy & evaluations will get you back on your feet in no time!

Progressive Therapy to Decrease Pain

At Dynamic Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine we have a variety of services to help with anything from sports injuries to joint & muscle pain. Start a customized treatment plan or get involved with personal training services to meet your goals.

Flexibility, Strength, and Mobility

Get started on the path of pain relief through exercise, stretching, and a mix of traditional and new therapies. Your path to recovery has never felt so good!

Physical Therapy for You

Physical therapy is used for several reasons. You may need treatment after an injury, to lessen pain related to arthritis or other changes, to treat back or spinal issues with pain, to increase mobility after a joint replacement, or to recover from a sports injury.

Dynamic Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine wants to improve your quality of life by providing pain relief through exercise, stretching, and a mix of traditional and new therapies. Our goal is to have you up and moving without pain as soon as possible.

We have two locations for your convenience. Call 304-720-5433 for Charleston, or call
304-467-4496 for our Montgomery office.
Older man undergoing physical therapy with a personal therapist at Dynamic Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine.

Who is Dynamic Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine?

Find out more about who we are and what brought us here.

A man going through physical therapy after injury.

Have you suffered an injury that prevents you from working?

We will provide therapy and evaluation to assess whether you can return to work.

Physical therapist at Dynamic Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine doing a body checkup on a girl.

What do we offer for school-age athletes?

We know sports injuries. To get them off the bench, we provide special services that help athletes.

Patient Testimonial

“They where great. I started with significant right upper back pain, and had loss of muscle mass on my right side. Matt and the other physical therapists and all the rest of the staff where great. When I finished, my back pain has disappeared and my muscle mass has been building back up. I appreciate everything they have done for me!!”

– Steven S.

Patient Testimonial

Great place for postpartum moms….I had PF therapy and for my hips. The staff are really friendly. Susan is a wonderful person whom I could relate with. She was very informative and I felt really comfortable. I had great result as long as I kept up with the exercises at home as well.

-Lillian M.

Patient Testimonial

Hands down the best physical therapy in the valley. Great people with great personalities really care about your health and well-being. They are not there for just the money and don’t treat you like a number. You become part of their family and only do what is best for you. Their team is amazing and all work well together to get you as back to normal as possible if not better than that.

-Michelle W.

Patient Testimonial

Everyone was so helpful and kind. They worked around my schedule and made sure I missed a minimal amount of work, I am so appreciative to everyone there. The work they do is amazing!!

-Kimberly B.

Patient Testimonial

Evaluated my health complaints and developed an effective treatment plan. I appreciated both their expertise and that my input was included. If I need PT in the future, this is where I will call first. Thanks!

-Carol E. 

Patient Testimonial

“My experience was wonderful…the therapists were professional and knowledgeable…my progress was amazing and my doctor was pleased with my knee replacement recovery …thank you to all the staff”

– Paula C.

Patient Testimonial

“The facility is clean, comfortable, and organized. The staff is great. Over multiple sessions I met a number of staff members all of whom were professional, knowledgeable and friendly. Matt was my primary therapist and his plan to relieve my sciatica was effective, meeting my goals over the course of a few weeks. I would highly recommend DPT for therapy and rehabilitation.

– Joseph C.

Patient Testimonial

“Alisha and her staff are amazing. I’m excited about starting therapy this Monday. My first visit was great. Everyone was professional and polite.

– Wendy T.

Patient Testimonial

“Staff was Great, friendly and helpful on explaining everything,I loved going to my appointments,But after everything my neck went right back to how it was 2 weeks after I finished PT,So no more physical therapy for me,I guess,but the issues I have with my neck has nothing to do with Dynamic because they were all awesome,Just the treatment didn’t work after it was all done. I would recommend this place to anyone.

– Jessica N.

Patient Testimonial

“Cara is outstanding. She certainly knows everything there is to know concerning shoulder surgery recovery. Highly recommend Cara and Dynamic Physical Therapy!! -Jan M.”

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Montgomery Location

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