Back and Spine Physical Therapy

Back and Spine Therapy

Back pain plagues our working population, and affects our quality of life. Let us help you overcome your pain to stay functional and moving.

Total Joint Physical Therapy

Total Joint Physical Therapy

Had a total joint replacement? Make your body whole again with the proper corrective exercise instruction.

Joint & Muscle Pain

Whether you’ve had an accident or deal with chronic pain, it doesn’t have to control your life! Take advantage of our knowledgeable and friendly staff to help you get relief and improve your movement.

Sports Physical Therapy

Sports Injury

We specialize in helping our athletic population get back in the game after injury with the latest and most effective rehabilitation and performance techniques.

Dynamic Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine is Charleston’s first and only outpatient physical therapy and sports performance center.   We are proud to offer you the highest quality of physical therapy, utilizing a blend of traditional and modern techniques provided by therapists who care.  We have opened a brand new facility to serve every population, so come in and find out what is so special!

What Our Customers Are Saying . . .
Dynamic Physical Therapy has been very helpful. I’ve gone from a state of limited mobility to being as active as I want to be. I appreciate the multiple approaches to guiding me back to health.
Kristin M.
What a wonderful experience! Four weeks after extensive spine surgery, I started PT at Dynamic Physical Therapy. Throughout therapy, my overall strength increased and I feel so much stronger. Dynamic Physical Therapy is the place to be.
Connie R.
As long as I am coaching, I will use their services!
Bryan Poore, Head Coach, WVSU Basketball
When I came here, I was in a lot of pain when I walked, sometimes when sitting, my knee would throb like a toothache. My pain is 95% gone.
Keith L.
I had two torn rotator cuffs that I had been living with for 15 months. After about 12 visits and homework, my range of motion had returned. People here are professional and friendly. Thanks.
Pete S.
A-Game training is second to none in the country
Jason Slay, Assistant PG Coach - Hargrave Military Academy
I hurt my hip in an exercise class over a year ago and I thought it would get better if I just rested it. I finally tried physical therapy and it gave me almost instant relief.
Nancy B.
“Eric changed my whole career in professional basketball.”
Joe Benjamin, Euro-Pro Basketball, Team FOG Naestved
I came to Dynamic PT after almost a week of very severe lower back pain., which resulted in an inability to walk, move, sleep and work. The Dynamic Staff are all so kind, sweet, and knowledgeable…I have been able to start my training gradually, and I am so thankful for Dynamic and their ability to help me heal!!! Thanks!!!
Rebekah H.
…invest the time, money and effort because I guarantee that you will see results
Jermain King, WVSU All Time Leading Receiver
When I first came to physical therapy I was in a lot of pain. Your staff was great from the front office to the staff in the gym, their help was great. If I need therapy again, I know where I will come back to.
Richard C.
I had a great recovery due to Dynamic Physical Therapy…Thanks for getting me back to work.
Kevin A.
I came to Dynamic Physical Therapy with extreme pain and tingling/numbness in my right shoulder, arm, and hand. I regained strength and function to my arm and hand without use of prescription medications, free of pain and no surgery needed. I have and will continue to recommend Dynamic Physical Therapy to all.
Lori S.
I’ve had knee pain for several years before having a total knee replacement in November 2014. The pain was so severe that I couldn’t straighten the knee at all and was walking with the aid of a cane….after physical therapy here, I have returned to normal walking without any aid. The staff at Dynamic is very helpful and knowledgeable about the proper recovery therapy. They were always nice, with my recovery as their first priority…I definitely recommend Dynamic to anyone requiring physical therapy.
Donna C.
I have had back pain for about 8 years and knee pain for over a year. After talking with my doctor, we decided physical therapy might be the answer. It was! My walking is 100% better…Thank you so very much Dynamic!
Charon S.
I had complete knee replacement on June 19th and my doctor said that the first two months would determine the way that I would function the rest of my life….I am leaving today with a new outlook to walking again (without a cane or walker.) Thanks to Dynamic Physical Therapy’s staff, they were all so kind.
Mary R.
In May of 1991, I injured my neck in a car accident…I continued to have problems with neck pain. It felt like my back was on fire and it would bring me to tears. Dynamic PT taught me exercises to do that made the pain go away. The pain has improved 98%.
Susan S.
I have had a wonderful experience here at Dynamic Physical Therapy. I had pain in my right hip for a year. I can say now, my hip is almost pain free…Thanks again to everyone.
Tanja A
My experience with Dynamic has been very good and interesting. The people have done a very good job. They have helped my problem. Thank you very much.
Ron S.